Just for you

After the pounding in my ears stopped, and the warm, relaxing feeling
began to spread outward from my groin, I opened my eyes. Even in the dimness
of the room, I could see the fine damp sheen of perspiration on your lovely
back, accenting your curves. Beads of moisture seemed to slide sensually down
into the trough along your spine. Extra resources Your behind was pressed firmly against me,
flairing outwards around your hips and down, down your luscious thighs and
legs that kept me centered behind you.
I could see your sides rise and fall with each quick breath you took,
and your head resting softly to one side on the pillow. My hands were still
on your hips, holding you to me, grasping the edges of your hips as I had in
passion, albeit much more gently now. I could feel my own sweat, trickling
down my back, and down my stomach towards you.
That’s when I leaned over, cupping your breast in one hand and then
kissed your earlobe. You purred like a kitten, and smiled softly. And, yes,
I did feel you contract around me then, sending a delightful sensation
through me. Did you feel me flex inside you? I’m sure you did by the sigh
that escaped your lips.
Things always look wonderful afterwards. read here The room was bathed in a soft,
dim light, blurring the edges to everything. And, you especially, looked
wonderful, your curves blending into shadows, each and every line of your
body creating the image of a very sensual woman. The feeling of our own
heat, mixing with the humid summer night, our sexy fragrances, and the
lightly scented candles, all combined to set the mood for us.
As you lowered your hips and rolled to your side, I struggled to follow
your behind, not wanting to remove myself from your sensual, slippery warmth.
Our bodies pressed together, your back to my chest, and I propped up on one
elbow so that we could kiss. Ah, your lips are so soft, so warm, and so
erotic. I love feeling your lips pressed to mine, and your mouth opening,
our tounges caressing, oh, so lightly. It adds that special touch doesn’t it?
Even after we’ve shared each other’s bodies, and tasted each other, kissing
you like this remains in my mind the most intimate act imaginable.
I can tell by your relaxed state that you didn’t have to fake anything,
even though it was quite obvious to me just a few minutes ago. The contented
smile on your face brings a glowing warmth to my chest, as does the light
stroke your hand makes down my arm.
I hope you felt the warmth and tenderness when I nuzzled the back of
your neck, pursing my lips against your sensitive skin to give you a meaning-
ful little kiss. Even now, or perhaps especially now, you still look
ravishingly beautiful. Your cheeks have a slight blush, and I can see it
even in the dim light. Your hair feels wonderful, damp and toussled as it may
be, it becomes you somehow, and it makes you look sexier.
I’m still hard, still inside you, feeling your heartbeat through my
flesh. I feel every little move you make, each slight movement causing a
silky, slippery sensation to course down my shaft and run screaming to my
brain. It’s heaven to be inside you like this, feeling your softness against
me, and all around me. Your legs are so beautiful, and I can’t keep my hands
from caressing up your thighs all the way around the curve of your behind and
down again. I marvel at how wonderful your form is, even though you say it’s
not perfect I have to disagree and cherish it.
The room, dim as it is, seems to have a soft, yellowish glow around the
edges, except when I look, the glow moves away. I feel tranquility coming
down over us, like a thick, comfortable blanket that will keep us warm and
contented. Do you feel it too?
gay jizz My hand slides under your arm to cup your breast and lift it from the
bed so it lays in my palm. Soft, and warm, I feel as though I’m holding your
heart, touching your innermost feelings for me. Your hand rests on mine,
keeping my hand from leaving your breast, holding me close to your heart and
telling me subtly how you feel.
I lick the edge of your ear lightly, pulling on it with my lips just to
share another small moment of lovely intimacy with you. I feel you press your

back against my chest, the inhale of a deep breath, and your rear nestling in
the hollow of my loins. We are so close, yet I want to be even closer to
you, to hold you and wrap myself around you, and to feel your body inter-
twined around mine the same way.
Your small, soft moan pleases me, as does most everything you do. You’ve
made me feel truly masculine, totally alive, and most importantly, truly
cared for. Nothing is so important for me now, as to know that you feel
feminine, warm, safe, content, and loved.
As the soft afterglow begins to fade, it is replaced with a beautifuly
relaxed feeling, one of supreme comfort, and happy exhaustion. Our bodies are
covered in dampness, yet we feel no chill, only the sensual after-effects of
our giving to each other. Our muscles are tired, yet they do not ache, nor
are they sore. If someone could make this a drug, it would replace all
others, and it would be highly sought after. But we would have no need for
it, as we have our own supply right here.
I’m beginning to grow soft, my once rigid flesh now shrinking and losing
its fullness. We can both feel it retreating from inside you. To me it feels
as though I’m slipping out, your warm, slick tunnel unable to hold me. To
you, I imagine, it must feel as though I’m sliding away, falling out of you
and leaving an emptiness where you desire fullness. I can feel our warm,
rich juices begin to run past, coating your thigh with a warm slickness. I
imagine it feels as if a dam will burst when I finally slide out, as I know I
seemed to fill you for long minutes at the end of our passionate struggle.
We moan together as we both feel the head reach the your outer edge,
knowing that our bodies are about to part. We know it’s no use to try but we
do anyway, and in a moment, it will be too late. It matters little in
reality, and afterwards, we return to our cuddling, with our bodies held
tightly together. Even without it, we are still happy, our souls have been
joined again, and we’ve shared something beautiful.
Sleep beckons us both, and I listen to your breathing become slow,
regular and deep. Mine syncronizes with yours, and I feel myself being
lowered, very slowly, into a warm blackness. My last waking thoughts are of
you, your small contented smile, and the light caress of your fingers against
my arm.
Our bodies stay together and I’m awakened by a light chill. You’re
sleeping next to me, still curled up on your side, with that wonderfully
pleased smile on your face. I smile too, and if you’d have seen it, you
would’ve said my eyes brightened. I pull the covers up over us, making sure
to cover your lovely bare shoulder. You stir slightly, pulling the warming
covers down in front of you, and snuggling against my warmth. I can’t resist
so I kiss the back of your delicate neck again, eliciting a small sigh and a
sound I can only describe as a light purr.
For the first time since we began our passionate intimacy tonight, you
hear me speak, as though both close, yet far away. The words don’t awaken
you, but rather, they take you closer to that warm sleep you’ve been enjoy-
ing, letting you glide into slumber completely contented.
And all I said was “I love you.”

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