Just for you

After the pounding in my ears stopped, and the warm, relaxing feeling
began to spread outward from my groin, I opened my eyes. Even in the dimness
of the room, I could see the fine damp sheen of perspiration on your lovely
back, accenting your curves. Beads of moisture seemed to slide sensually down
into the trough along your spine. Extra resources Your behind was pressed firmly against me,
flairing outwards around your hips and down, down your luscious thighs and
legs that kept me centered behind you.
I could see your sides rise and fall with each quick breath you took,
and your head resting softly to one side on the pillow. My hands were still
on your hips, holding you to me, grasping the edges of your hips as I had in
passion, albeit much more gently now. I could feel my own sweat, trickling
down my back, and down my stomach towards you.
That’s when I leaned over, cupping your breast in one hand and then
kissed your earlobe. You purred like a kitten, and smiled softly. And, yes,
I did feel you contract around me then, sending a delightful sensation
through me. Did you feel me flex inside you? I’m sure you did by the sigh
that escaped your lips.
Things always look wonderful afterwards. read here The room was bathed in a soft,
dim light, blurring the edges to everything. And, you especially, looked
wonderful, your curves blending into shadows, each and every line of your
body creating the image of a very sensual woman. The feeling of our own
heat, mixing with the humid summer night, our sexy fragrances, and the
lightly scented candles, all combined to set the mood for us.
As you lowered your hips and rolled to your side, I struggled to follow
your behind, not wanting to remove myself from your sensual, slippery warmth.
Our bodies pressed together, your back to my chest, and I propped up on one
elbow so that we could kiss. Ah, your lips are so soft, so warm, and so
erotic. I love feeling your lips pressed to mine, and your mouth opening,
our tounges caressing, oh, so lightly. It adds that special touch doesn’t it?
Even after we’ve shared each other’s bodies, and tasted each other, kissing
you like this remains in my mind the most intimate act imaginable.
I can tell by your relaxed state that you didn’t have to fake anything,
even though it was quite obvious to me just a few minutes ago. The contented
smile on your face brings a glowing warmth to my chest, as does the light
stroke your hand makes down my arm.
I hope you felt the warmth and tenderness when I nuzzled the back of
your neck, pursing my lips against your sensitive skin to give you a meaning-
ful little kiss. Even now, or perhaps especially now, you still look
ravishingly beautiful. Your cheeks have a slight blush, and I can see it
even in the dim light. Your hair feels wonderful, damp and toussled as it may
be, it becomes you somehow, and it makes you look sexier.
I’m still hard, still inside you, feeling your heartbeat through my
flesh. I feel every little move you make, each slight movement causing a
silky, slippery sensation to course down my shaft and run screaming to my
brain. It’s heaven to be inside you like this, feeling your softness against
me, and all around me. Your legs are so beautiful, and I can’t keep my hands
from caressing up your thighs all the way around the curve of your behind and
down again. I marvel at how wonderful your form is, even though you say it’s
not perfect I have to disagree and cherish it.
The room, dim as it is, seems to have a soft, yellowish glow around the
edges, except when I look, the glow moves away. I feel tranquility coming
down over us, like a thick, comfortable blanket that will keep us warm and
contented. Do you feel it too?
gay jizz My hand slides under your arm to cup your breast and lift it from the
bed so it lays in my palm. Soft, and warm, I feel as though I’m holding your
heart, touching your innermost feelings for me. Your hand rests on mine,
keeping my hand from leaving your breast, holding me close to your heart and
telling me subtly how you feel.
I lick the edge of your ear lightly, pulling on it with my lips just to
share another small moment of lovely intimacy with you. I feel you press your

back against my chest, the inhale of a deep breath, and your rear nestling in
the hollow of my loins. We are so close, yet I want to be even closer to
you, to hold you and wrap myself around you, and to feel your body inter-
twined around mine the same way.
Your small, soft moan pleases me, as does most everything you do. You’ve
made me feel truly masculine, totally alive, and most importantly, truly
cared for. Nothing is so important for me now, as to know that you feel
feminine, warm, safe, content, and loved.
As the soft afterglow begins to fade, it is replaced with a beautifuly
relaxed feeling, one of supreme comfort, and happy exhaustion. Our bodies are
covered in dampness, yet we feel no chill, only the sensual after-effects of
our giving to each other. Our muscles are tired, yet they do not ache, nor
are they sore. If someone could make this a drug, it would replace all
others, and it would be highly sought after. But we would have no need for
it, as we have our own supply right here.
I’m beginning to grow soft, my once rigid flesh now shrinking and losing
its fullness. We can both feel it retreating from inside you. To me it feels
as though I’m slipping out, your warm, slick tunnel unable to hold me. To
you, I imagine, it must feel as though I’m sliding away, falling out of you
and leaving an emptiness where you desire fullness. I can feel our warm,
rich juices begin to run past, coating your thigh with a warm slickness. I
imagine it feels as if a dam will burst when I finally slide out, as I know I
seemed to fill you for long minutes at the end of our passionate struggle.
We moan together as we both feel the head reach the your outer edge,
knowing that our bodies are about to part. We know it’s no use to try but we
do anyway, and in a moment, it will be too late. It matters little in
reality, and afterwards, we return to our cuddling, with our bodies held
tightly together. Even without it, we are still happy, our souls have been
joined again, and we’ve shared something beautiful.
Sleep beckons us both, and I listen to your breathing become slow,
regular and deep. Mine syncronizes with yours, and I feel myself being
lowered, very slowly, into a warm blackness. My last waking thoughts are of
you, your small contented smile, and the light caress of your fingers against
my arm.
Our bodies stay together and I’m awakened by a light chill. You’re
sleeping next to me, still curled up on your side, with that wonderfully
pleased smile on your face. I smile too, and if you’d have seen it, you
would’ve said my eyes brightened. I pull the covers up over us, making sure
to cover your lovely bare shoulder. You stir slightly, pulling the warming
covers down in front of you, and snuggling against my warmth. I can’t resist
so I kiss the back of your delicate neck again, eliciting a small sigh and a
sound I can only describe as a light purr.
For the first time since we began our passionate intimacy tonight, you
hear me speak, as though both close, yet far away. The words don’t awaken
you, but rather, they take you closer to that warm sleep you’ve been enjoy-
ing, letting you glide into slumber completely contented.
And all I said was “I love you.”

Night Visitor

The warm night air kissed my skin as I made my way towards his house. The half-moon’s light kept becoming covered by the thick clouds, a promise of rain and I could feel it in the air. It was odd to be out at this time, when I had locked my car it had been 2:15 am. I shivered as the dew from the grass brushed across my ankles. As I glanced up I could finally see the outline of the house, of his house. I felt myself becoming even more wet as I thought about what was to come. I silently made my to the corner and then ran my hands down the side of the house, I felt the first window, touched the second, and finally my fingers came to the third. The one that was slightly off, one that could be unlocked from the outside. I pulled out my wire then slid it in catching the lock and pulling it. How many times had I told him to fix this I had forgotten but now…now I was pleased he hadn’t. I lifted it up quietly and then reached down to tighten the knee length overcoat I had on. Then I stepped on the overturned bucket to get myself level with the window sill and slipped in. I stood for a moment with my heart pounding, the air from the impending storm followed me into the house making this seem even more of a dream with the way it clung to me with its heaviness. Almost as though I was the storm. I calmed myself then began to move through the house operating from memory more than anything and praying I didn’t stumble in the dark and ruin everything. I paused in front of a floor length mirror and studied myself. My skin was porcelain white from moon light and my long brown hair was almost black from the shades of the night.
updated blog post His room was two doors away. I struggled to control my breathing as my shaking fingers reached to pull the strings holding the overcoat in place and shivered as it slid from my shoulders and pooled to the floor. The sheer ivory night gown I had on really puller off what I had been going for. Its white translucence almost glowed in the dim light giving me what I felt was almost a dream like quality. I ran my fingers through my hair to check it and felt a warm drop of my wetness glide down my thigh. I knew it was time. Just the thought of what I was about to do made me tremble with excitement.
I pushed through the bedroom door. The moon light came through his windows and lit his room fairly well but I tip toed over and opened the curtains just a bit more. I heard him shift in his bed as the curtains moved. I turned to study him. He had rolled from his side to his back, the light bouncing off his tan chest and sheets. sexy panty video His dark hair was all ruffled from sleep and I felt my nipples become hard as I thought about his warm mouth covering them and pleasuring me. I nibbled on my lip as I looked at the sheet that had slid to just barely cover his legs and hip bone. I slowly walked over to the bed and eased onto the foot of it careful to avoid his legs. Soon I was lying next to him. I started tracing patterns ever so lightly on his stomach watching as the Goosebumps spread and listening to him become restless in his sleep. I hoped I was making him dream of me. I watched as even in his sleep his cock began to harden. I leaned in and kissed his neck. Then I began to kiss gently all over his chest and stomach. Making my way down until I was between his legs. I heard him groan and knew he was almost awake so I tugged the sheet down and sucked his semisoft dick into my warm mouth.
I had bobbed my head up and down a few times making him slick with my saliva before he really came to. I looked up and met his dark eyes and watched the surprise and disbelief play in them. I held a finger up to my wet lips and shushed him before he could speak. I felt as though it would ruin everything dreamlike about this to utter even a single word. He shifted up to his elbows so he could watch as I lower my lips back to his cock. I began to suck the head swirling my tongue around it before placing it on the underside and rubbing it as I sucked. I took it in and out, each time sucking a little more into my mouth and throat. I heard him groaning from the pleasure I was causing him and it aroused me even more and I felt the wetness begin to really slide down my thighs. The fact that I had shaved and came without any underwear only made it me even slicker and wet. I felt him starting to rise to meet me every time I went down and then I moaned, even though my mouth was full of his huge dick, as he tangled his fingers in my hair. I was so worked up I began taking almost every inch of him into my mouth and down my throat and his sounds of pleasure only increased as I cupped his balls and massaged them and the sensitive spot just behind them.

I woke to a mystic type touch running down my body, with a tickle of tantalization on my chest. That to me is the only way to describe a woman’s touch. The ever so slight and gentle pass of a finger over my skin. Skin on skin there is no feeling like it. Yet that feeling becomes more than one of just physical touch when it is with one of those mystic women. One who has more than just your body but your mind too. She controls your body AND mind, delves so deep within you that every kiss, every merciful touch becomes a whole body experience. And that night I knew such a woman. It was not just enough for her to cause me to lose sleep yearning for her body for her touch, begging within my soul for even just her foreplay. Of course a woman with control over a man like she had most know she was the sensuous siren that I had been dreaming of every night, waking with my hard cock in my hand rubbing and touching for who knows how long before I finally came to reality, realizing that it was only my hand and not her sensuous lips on my dick. I took these nights as a torturous yet luxurious delight except for when I went too far and came all over my self, it was not the mess that I hated, but the lack of her hot tongue to lick it all up and share a taste on her plump lips.

So that night when i woke up with that warm wet sensation around my nether regions and the pulsing of my blood I was unsure what it was. Was it true? Was I really lucky enough to having a waking dream of her? I didn’t know but I would not test it for fear of losing such a sensation. But what was I feeling? Pussy? O god I didn’t know it was just so good. As I reach down I…I… no its hair… o god yes hair that I feel. Those lips yes those FUCKING lips those face fucking lips on my cock, now I know that wetness is surely her saliva running down to my nuts. I can feel it as her lips tighten as she pushes me further and further down and…. o … o yes there, there it is its rough. Yes, rough right around the head almost uncomfortable at first but then drives me wild knowing it’s her tonsils. Yes, only a special woman could suck cock like that I think as I feel her warm wet saliva drip down to my balls.
It is so good, I’m dying to see it all the way she takes me. Through the fatigue and haze or sleep still in my eyes I still wonder if it’s a dream or a ghostly apparition that I see in white. I have heard of such things but never believed but how could this be to be all alone to here with this, this deity.
Then in the shade of the night illuminated by the moons rays, I see two bright blue flashes. As though her body was not a strong enough spell to cast upon the soul of a man. I was never given the opportunity to resist such passion; she casts a mightier spell than before. Her eyes, yes her eyes. Two big blue captivating eyes so reminiscent of paradise in their appearance, begin drawing me in as though she did not already have a firm enough grip of me, with already having my helpless cock in her hand. Any ignorant man could fall for her appearance of begging in her eyes but I knew better as I watched her lips float over the head of my cock with just the ever so thin silver thread of cum stretching, stuck to her lips as she pulled away. i knew she might look like she was begging, made me even believe she was, but that’s her power to make you believe it. i was like clay in her hand. Nothing but a hard dick to please her ever lustful desire
Just as sure as i knew her dripping wet vagina would conform to every bend and contour of my rock, i knew that i would conform to her every desire. I surrender as her man whore, as her sex slave. Yes surely she knows what those eyes could do to a man; i need not tell her any of it.

The true mark of seductive lover is not one that gets you in bed but how they take that fire they started and turn it into a blaze before they blast your jets to say. And this, she had no end of. As a man i can admit, I’m obsessed with my own cock, I can’t help it. It is mine and i can’t help but to touch it and constantly think about having some pretty face somewhere suck it or get covered in my cum, so of course i would think I knew what felt best but it can rock your world when a woman finds something you didn’t even know you liked. And as I felt her lips run down my shaft with that smooth inner lining of her “fucking” mouth, I was pleased to feel that sensation of my nuts in her mouth. But it is what came next that shocked me. I don’t know if it was the passion that made me blind or if I was just overwhelmed in my senses but when her hand slid past my balls between my legs to my utter amazement i found a whole new world of pleasure. I was a bit embarrassed as I uttered an unmanly moan and opened my legs wider my body on its own craving that new unknown feeling of her fingers tickling a never before touch place, gliding along entering uninvited to forbidden territory all the while going deeper and deeper into her throat with my cock. Surely she would tire but she seemed undaunted as i was startled to feel her move to explore my most taboo of places.

I knew he was worked up enough and I stopped and began to slowly crawl up his body. Letting his dick drop from my mouth and then slide between my breasts and down my stomach before I was close enough to put my fingers in his hair and kiss him deeply. I let out a muffled moan as his warm hand reached under my gown to cup my breast. I felt his other hand run up from my butt cheek to my side then back. The sensation driving me insane. He suddenly pulled on my night gown and before I knew it, the gown was in a crumpled mess on the floor and my lover had rolled over and pinned me beneath him. My breath grew ragged as he held my hands above my head with one hand and rubbed my breast with the other. He slowly kissed my face, chin, and neck until he made his way to my nipple. I shuddered when his warm mouth covered my nipple as the pleasure shot through me down to my already throbbing pussy.
I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure as he licked and kissed all over my stomach. When he makes love to me, it’s as though my whole body melts into his, my skin feels so soft and pliable under his touch and I know I’m about to get what I came here for. I look at him and tug his hair ever so slightly to draw his lips back to my own. I feel his chest against mine, his belly brushing my own, and then the hard warmth of his dick on my thigh. I look into his eyes as he pulls away and in that moment, what we had is magic. I had wanted tonight to seem unreal, for my love to be awakened by me, yet for it to seem almost a dream, for him to be pleasured as the moons light danced across our naked bodies and for it to be magical. He gently tucks a curl of my hair behind my ear, looking almost as though I might disappear and for a moment even I almost believe I might. This fantasy is real at this moment.
Her skin is like luminescent silk against my palms. Her body as intoxicating as a drug and possibly as dangerous, but just like a cocaine high, I was helpless to pull myself away. As i ran my hands over her body it was as though she was as no other woman i had ever known. When I laid hands upon her skin it was not just a touch or a sensation but like an electrical, mental connection. She may have moaned as I kissed her stomach and licked her belly button, but inside I was sure I was the one feeling the most pleasure. That’s gods secret gift in a woman; in her fulfillment comes my greatest fulfillment. She may believe that every kiss, every tingle is purely for her, but every moan, every shudder, every sweet drop of pussy juice is my reward. That is till I get to fill her with cum…

There is something rewarding in restraining my rough hands when they are filled with such supple flesh. But the beast with in me is only encouraged when she pulls on my hair as my lips fall to her wet clit. Maybe she is showing me she loves it, maybe she is enraged herself and can’t help but to be rough on me. I don’t know but it doesn’t matter, even if it was to pull me away due to an over load of pleasure, it’s too late now. Now the fire is beyond burning, it’s a wild fire that has breached its limits and is running rampant. More and more I lick and suck and seek out every last sweet drop from her cunt. I must have it must have more of that pussy, it’s become my world. To pleasure it is my concern, every moan and tug of my hair only drives me more. She has no idea what’s in store; play with fire and you might get burned. . . no longer could i hold back even if she begs, if she cries out or tries to get away, I am to consumed in her spell to get away.

I squirm halfheartedly as he rubs the head of his cock on my clit. The warmth and the wetness making us both sigh as one. I feel him at the opening and he slowly pushes in allowing me to stretch and take him in inch by inch. I close my eyes and arch my back, marveling at how perfect it is to be so full of him. He starts to fuck me slowly and I feel my muscles clench and wonder if it feels like my pussy is massaging his dick.
There is no other feeling in the world as wonderful as this. The way his belly and chest press against mine, pressing my breasts down and moving them in rhythm with our bodies, which only sends more tingles of pleasure to my pussy. I love the intimacy of this position, how he is so powerful with his body lording over me but knowing it’s my body that brings the moans from low in his stomach.
I feel a trail of fire is left where his hands slide down from my ankles to my ass as he rubs me all the while keeping up that slow steady rhythm. I allow my knees to bend and find myself with my legs over his shoulders and my hands pinned beside me. Heavy, his body is so warm and heavy as he presses against me; every thrust he takes pushes the air from my lungs. I moan and wiggle not wanting it to stop but having too much pleasure to bare. The change in him is noticeable, the moment when he lets go of control. When he becomes more animal than man and I feel myself slide off that edge as well. The whole bed is shaking from the merciless fucking he is giving me now. I can feel his dick touching things in my stomach that have never been touched and at this angle, my clit gets rubbed every time his cock enters me. It’s so wet now, I love the way my pussy lips feel so slick and soft around him and from having watched before I know how good it looks to see my little pink pussy spread tight around him.
I yell out as an orgasm rips through my body. I want to beg him to stop as my body spasms and my pussy contracts around him, the pleasure so intense it’s almost pain. I cry out, yet it seems to only encourage him to fuck harder and plunge deeper. I can hear the slap each time his thighs slap my ass cheeks. I’m almost completely senseless now; the fucking is so good I lose myself in it. I close my eyes and let him fuck me like every woman dreams of getting fucked. I moan softly and focus for a moment on the way it feels to have his tight balls smacking me with every thrust. I feel a change in the pace and know he is close to cuming. He plunges his dick into me several times. Ramming my pussy with everything he has and I scream out in pleasure having another orgasm at the same time I feel his cock swell and then pulse. I feel his hot sticky cum on the inner walls of my pussy and then on my stomach as he pulls out to let the last of it cover my thighs and belly. After coating me he shoves himself back in while still hard and fucks me more. Both of us only barely able to stand it.
I finally give in begging him to stop. He releases my hands and leans back enough that I let my legs slip from his neck and moan from pain and relief as I stretch them out while he softens the rest of the way inside me. He collapses half on me half off. His dick still inside my pussy and our bellies stuck together by our hot sticky fluids. He slips out of me and ends up with his head on my chest. My breasts are his pillow, and I turn slightly so that he can suck one into his mouth and suck on my nipple as we both try to gather our wits. We lay there in messy sheets, our legs still tangled together just breathing as one after our wonderful love. I doze contentedly as he softly suckles me. When I wake I study his handsome face as he sleeps between my breasts. I reach up and stoke his hair for a little while just trying to commit his face and body to memory. The way the moon shines in, he looks so amazing, almost like a god to me, I want to wake him but I slowly slip from the bed and search for my coat. I slip it onto me as I take one last look at his sleeping form knowing that tomorrow I would deny this happening just to add to the effect. I wanted him to wonder for a while if his love had really visited him on a moon filled night and fulfilled his every desire. I stole through the house and out the window. The moon was beginning to fade into a sunrise as I walked back to my car. I was already dreaming of our next adventure on my way before the cum from this time was completely dried.